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Re: Please critique my site TOO :-)
From Greg B at on 2 Dec '99
replying to Please critique my site TOO :-) posted by Steve

>Hi, Gurus,
> I have never invited critiques about my site and my site has not attracted many visits. I have read many messages on this board esp, Greg's and David's and many others. and I am very jealous :-)) of the visits/hits you guys get.
> I start to suspect that I may have done something not proper on the site or promotion. So I invite your critique too.
> Please point out what I have done not proper or not enough,etc.
> the site is about oil paintings. Though the site gets listed on Yahoo on the first page (rank 13) when I search "oil painting", the site have not been listed on excite, lycos, AV (not at all or ranked very bad). Averagely the site only gets 20/30 hits/per day. The site is 4 months old.
> Your criticism is appreciated.

Whoa...Guru, huh? Not sure about that, but here is one thing I noticed right off the bat: Every link on your main page links to a page that is generated from some sort of CGI script. I'll bet than many of the robot-driven SEs are choking on all of those pages. Essentially what this means is that the only page getting indexed is that front page and the robots aren't able to spider your site effectively. I would suggest linking to standard HTML pages for any page in your site that doesn't absolutely require the CGI. I'll bet the Links, FAQ, Testimonials, Partner, and MANY of the other pages can be set up as static HTML. Be sure to include unique keywords and META tags on each page.

I would also suggest increasing the number of keywords in your META tags on your front page. Also, you should repeat each word three (and only three) times in the META tag. I would also increase the number of keywords in the body of your main page...maybe a description paragraph on what your sites about. Once you include some more static HTML pages on your site, resubmit it to the search engines, and wait a month or two. Your traffic should increase. After a six months, refine your content, keywords, title, and META tags, and resubmit the pages. Don't mess with Yahoo though. Be happy that you rank so well there....I'm surprised Yahoo isn't driving more traffic than 30 page hits/day. Probably a tough niche to fill.

Hope this information helps. Good luck! - GB

How about a look at

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