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Re: Is my site any good?
From Patrick R at Rose Hollow on 5 Dec '99
replying to Is my site any good? posted by S Nelson

>A webmaster helped me create my new business web site. Is it any good? Please let me know what is good and what stinks. This web site is my chance to be a stay at home mom. Wish me luck!

A lot of my observations are more pet-peeves than cast in stone design rules, but here they go.

A. Fix the problem with the navigation buttons having that artifact along the right and left of the screen.

B. All of the button rollovers should do the same thing. The center lights up red and the outside buttons have that cheesy pre-made button look. It would be better if all of the lit up red.

C. The pitures of nice places should be links to pages about travel opportunities there. (ie. the Sydney Pict should link to a page saying, 'Right Now it's Summer in Australia, with things to do in Sydney. Just go to the Sydney Tourism website to get ideas, next week maybe Brazil, London, and Jamiaca...) Rotate them weekly and people will stop by occasionally to see what new ideas you have. (Also, a opt-in mailing list with updates would be a good idea for a travel agent).

D. Drop the salesman in a plaid suit downscreen. The promtional copy sounds too much like Crazy Bob's Used Car Discounts (1 Dollar Down!!!!!!!!!! I'm C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!). I just skim over that stuffm, so if the important sales ideas are there, I don't see them, and don't buy the product.

E. Don't tell me to bookmark the page, I know when I want to do that.

F. Your web address isn't anywhere on the page. Put a a footer down there with web address as well as real address, copyright info, etc. Put it on every page, so if I print anything out from your site, I can find you again. (See what I did with at the bottom)

G. Bring the text nav bar above all that mumbo jumbo with the address and everything. The address shouldn't be that important because you are selling over the internet, and people can contact you through the comments and questions section, so they only need the address to know there's a place somewhere where they can find you if they really have to.

H. Get rid of the travel picts on all the secondary pages, I've already seen them, they get in the way of the copy. I'm interested enough to click the buttons, now give me my info and get out of the way!

I. Have seperate pages for each headline in the package. Outline in more detail exactly what I'm buying, category by category. Travel offers like these have the stereotype of being all brochure, no substance. I get the impression I'm buying a package for $1,000.00, then may end up with discounts for junky hotels, condos, etc. Throw some names out (Like what you did with the Carnival Cruise Logo)

J. Speaking of which. What does the free Cruise Include? Tell me. I feel like your holding information back because maybe it isn't such a good deal after all. Be honest. If i'm sure to get a good deal one place, and might get a "Great Dream Vacation" another place, but I'm not sure because they didn't really tell me what I'm buying. I'll go with the sure thing. Not to mention the referrals you'll get.

K. When you ask on "How Are We?", what would your vacation wish list include, I want to click there for some reason. Maybe make it a link to a page saying how you can make your owm itenerary for your own "Dream Vacation"

L. When you talk about the Enter. & Travel Pacakege, talk to me. Use words like We, I, and You. Make me feel like your talking to me.

M. For the "How we compare" do a side by side comparison. Also, be honest. The $995.00 only buys the coupon book. Figure out a median price for one of the condos in the package and add that to your price. I notice it, and I'm not even really looking to spend money. Think how more paranoid someone will be when they expect to part with their cash.

Remeber, the best thing about the internet is that you can put so much more information into a web page (and organize it much better) than with a brochure or mailer. Tap into the power of the interent by making you web page more than just brochure-ware. It doesn't take much work to push it to the next level.

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