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Re: A little help please...
From Patrick R at Scenic Online on 5 Dec '99
replying to A little help please... posted by tom

>I am currently in the process of redesigning my home page. Please take a look at my current home page and let me know what you think. Any comments ( good or bad ) would be greatly appreciated. If you could also take a look at my TAGs and let me know any usefull tips I would greatly appreciate all the help

Here are some of my pet-peeves:

A. Please, please please drop the frames. The frames don't change the layout whatsoever, except now my scroll bar is doesn'y go from top to bottom, it's distracting. The really snazzy sites either don't have frames, or make it look like they don't. (ie, scroll bars no visible, or they go all the way up and down the page). Plus frames make it impossible for spiders to index your embedded pages. So all you can use for search enjine placement are META Tags and your Title Header

B. Your nav bar didn't load when I clicked on the About Us. I'm using Netcape Communicator 4.61 (not Navigator).

C. Why the image map. Seperate images in in a table would work as well, and make it seem to load faster.

D. Put a footer with web address, Last updated, copyright info, and regular mail and phone number. If you are at a residental address and don't want it posted, get a PO Box. Thety aren't that expensive for little ones. See what I did at That way if anyone prints out info from your page, they can find you again and know how old the info is.

E. No ALT tags for you nav bar. Tsk tsk tsk.

F. The products tag is always biggest. This makes it confusing about where in the site I actually am. make the About Tag big when you're at the About Us Page, and so on (Another reason to split up your nav buttons)

G. Make your logo a button to take me back to the index.html page. It keeps me from getting lost.

H. I would add a drop shadow to your logo or make it look like a metal plate with screws at each end. Give it some character.

If anyone wants to return the favor, try critiquing, this is my newest endeavor, and it's not even beta yet, but I could use some fresh insights.


Patrick R
Modesto, CA

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