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Re: What am I lacking? Please critique.
From Patrick R at Scenic Online on 5 Dec '99
replying to Re: What am I lacking? Please critique. posted by Diane

I thought the site was too text heavy. Get a 1 large graphic around 250 pixels 300 and one or two smaller picts.

Bring the nav bar down the left side up to just underneath the logo, so I can go see where I am from the outside. Left-Justify them instead of centering.

Get rid of the secondary stuff. (History of Gambling, "Love Marilyn Monroe?"). What does that have to do with Vitamins? At the very least, make an About Us Page, with employee listings and put the links next to the listing of however wanted it in there in the first place.

Pick one special a day/a week/whatever, and put it up at the top of the page, with a link underneath it, saying see our other weekly specials, then link to an anchor at the bottom of the page, or better yet, a seperate page with the title "Great Specials on our Vitamins". Use META Tags to you advantage, and you could get people jumping right onto your specials page. (Include the special from the front page because of this and make it easy to get to the main home page, try turing your logo into a button that goes to the home page)

Get rid of those animated gifs, the're a trademark of amateur web designers. Even if you ARE an amatuer web designer (I know I am), get rif of them, don't tell them off the bat, make them think your at least large enough to hire a real web-designer, they'llbe more likely to trust you with their money.

Categorize according to how I shop. I'm interested in weight-loss, put all those in one spot. I need a vitmin regimen to go along with my exercise program, put all the fitness vitamins in one spot, etc.
Also, do what deeadlock does, put your shopping area in one section, free info in another, about us, links, site map, etc. If there's too many options at the outset it makes it confusing and easy to get lost.
Turn your website into a decision tree, where it gets more and more narrow on each page, but make it easy to backtrack, and jump from broad categories.

Work up a questionaire that can be responded to with forms and set up a custom-designed vitmin regimen for people. Advertise it, and I'll come.

PetSmart has a program where you tell them how often you need your catfood, dogfood, etc, and they deliver it at the scheduled intervals.

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