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Re: HTML Surgeons Needed!!!
From john on 5 Dec '99
replying to HTML Surgeons Needed!!! posted by Patrick R

I think it looks pretty good. Nice and clean, fast loading and I like your layout. The top logo section looks great. A few thoughts.

1) Maybe a slightly more fancy background image for the page. I like the green but maybe a slightly textured green and maybe add something so you get a bordering effect along with your background image. I do like white in the main body.

2)There is a certain mystique about roses and I would play that up especially for those thinking of this as a hobby. Information about the history of roses, how they breed new varieties, Maybe a chat with a well known rose breeder, The more information the better. maybe even history on each variety - they will get to know the rose and its history they will feel attached to it.

3) I would have a special introductory offer on the first page to get people used to buying from you on line. Also play up roses as gifts and suggest some that would be good for beginners. Also sell any rose related equipment that you can think of as well as books - maybe you can work something out with to send book buyers their way. Have a secrets section people love secrets and love to share there own.

4) Have a rose trivia section on the front page.

5) Talk about famous people that grow roses.

6)Why buy from you? Are you cheaper, faster, Is your stock healthier If you already have plant lovers here can you sell other kinds of plants. I had received a rose catalog of some kind, and I think they sold all kinds of other plants. Can you send them overseas?

7)I didn't like the miniaturized logos floating next to the different categories. I did like the category names you had however.

8) have suggested varieties for new growers.

Hope there is at least one thought in this mess that helps. Hope you are able to transfer your offline success online.

Good luck


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