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Re: Message Board Promotion
From Duncan O at The Urban Legend magazine - humor on 8 Dec '99
replying to Re: Message Board Promotion posted by Patrick R

>>Hi everyone - Anyone know of any ways to promote message boards? I have three message boards on, and hope to add a few more. While I receive around 20,000 hits a month from around 3500 unique visitors, the message boards are dead.
>>I'd like to find some ways to drive some more traffic to these forums. I think they can be a very valuable tool for outdoor enthusiasts here in New England. Jim's board has proven a message board's usefulness. Any thoughts or suggestions?
>>Thanks! GB
>>P.S. Don't worry. I'll soon be ditching those slow-loading mouseover images on the AZ Message Board page.
>Try putting some promotional copy on the main page(not just the navigation button) "Check out our forums on Hiking, Skiing, and the Great Outdoors!"
>You have a banner rotation system, so why not put some banners for your own site on there? Make a banner for your forums and rotate it on your own website.Keep track of how many click-throughs you get, and go through different banners, when you find one that works really well, pay for it to go onto other web-sites with similar topics.

Something else you might try is promoting the message boards as a
LIST. There are places ( ONELIST, I think
is the most popular) where you can post adverts, free, for your list.

You don't have to create a new list there. Just sign up and post
messages in the relevant groups pointing to the URLs for your
message boards. It can be time-consuming, but so far it's brought me
a fair whack of traffic, so it could kick-start your message boards.



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