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Re: Need opinion
From Nicholas on 14 Dec '99
replying to Need opinion posted by snowy

>I'd like to now what you people think of my site. I've had several disputes with my partner who is a 3dmodeller at softimage and insists that the graphics will sell the product. I find the page is too slow and there is BARELY any content, but this is what he insists on. I've just read Deadlock's tutorials and am certain this is the wrong way to sell a product. Any comments? Please?

Your partner is a great graphic artist, and a lousy marketer.
He should be designing games, where that kind of skill is useful.

Graphics people like the old Chinese saying, "one picture is worth
1000 words."

Maybe. Sometimes. Depends on the product. But not for condoms,
fer chrissake!

Anyway, an email from the son of one of my old direct marketing
gurus recently commented, "language is the best compression
technology ever invented."

Picture *this* with one image: "You can bolt a TV camera to the front
of a race car, but will it capture the crushing heat of the cockpit,
the richness of green grass edging the black asphalt track, the mixed
smell of hot asphalt and rubber, the 'snick' of the gearshift as you
downshift into a plunging hairpin turn, or the trombone howl of your
V-12 cascading down gear after gear into the apex of the turn?"

The Chinese also said: The eye envies the imagination.

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