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Re: Is my site any good?
From Mike J on 18 Dec '99
replying to Is my site any good? posted by S Nelson

>A webmaster helped me create my new business web site. Is it any good? Please let me know what is good and what stinks. This web site is my chance to be a stay at home mom. Wish me luck!

The content needs a lot of work. The first impression I get is that you are selling a variety of cruises and a lot of different vacation packages...i never did figure out what you are selling and how much it costs. (remember that your visitors have the attention span of drunk clown) Here are my suggestions:

--the background image doesn't line up.
--nix the text in the center and replace it with emphasis on the have to clarify the focus of your site.
--get rid of the text below the images. you confined everything else to fit nicely without having to scroll

order page:
--i suggest putting your contact info on this page. i find it hard to believe someone will spend $1000 with an online travel company they know nothing about without talking to someone first. you need to look legit.

other page layout:
--the layout should be consistent, but using the first page navigation image & buttons as a header is too much.

--membership stuff: don't introduce the idea of membership until people know a lot about what you are offering.
--you are cramming all of your info and not offering logical navigation through your site to find the next piece of information. There really are no options.
--offer detailed info about all the benefits of becoming a "member"...condominium (new page...with pictures of a condo), etc.
--don't center's hard to read a centered paragraph. use tables to create a text layout.
--use normal colors...the blue/red thing is bad.

--check out a few travel sites and see how they are marketing their cruises. what is it that they offer, how is it arranged, blah blah.

you have a good start. with adjustments and rearranging your site will turn out.

Good luck! a great site takes time.

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