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Re: Help me Pretty please !!!!
From Greg B at on 22 Dec '99
replying to Re: Help me Pretty please !!!! posted by IonZone

>Like I said it sounded more harsh than I intended. But after hanging around this board for awhile you start to see patterns. I apologize if you don't fit the pattern. However if your partner is such a code expert and your are such an advanced design expert why are you asking for our opinions?
>But since you asked here is my 'expert' opinion.
>1) I see your html expert uses FrontPage and does not go back and clean up the slop it leaves. This has me questioning his abilities right off the start. Any prospective clients will feel the same.
>2) Your meta keyword and description tags are non existent.
>3) Your pages have no titles. I am sure this was an oversite by your html expert. Both of these will lead to you having no chance of getting listed in the search engines. Not to mention it looks very unprofessional not to have your name or a description or something at the top of the browser.
>4) Your clients page said you were opening on the 16. This gives a very unprofessional image. Like you can't even meet your own deadlines.
>5) Its also very unprofessional to have a business that doesn't have its own domain. Why would a client go with a company that can't afford to reinvest $75 for a domain.
>6) The graphics are nice, you do have some photoshop ability but a business website is not the place to showcase all of it. It would be better to have an area of the site devoted to your work where people can look at what they want, and not have it forced on them.
>And did you know that Matrix Designs is already a web design company, they own the domain name. Before you put too much time into your brand equity you better check with a lawyer. If you don't think so try opening an internet bookstore called Amazon and see what happens. If the real Matrix Designs decides to pursue legal action you better have some attorneys ready.

Well put again IonZone, but I think the greatest example of professionalism on this Web site is the link to!

Sorry, Lee. The truth is excellent graphics skills do not make up for the minimal Web design knowledge and even less business sense. Eye candy will only get you so far.

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