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Re: Help me Pretty please !!!!
From CybereEye® at CybereEye® on 24 Dec '99
replying to Re: Help me Pretty please !!!! posted by IonZone

>Well if you had taken the time to read the second post you would see that I did apologize if I unfairly judged him in the first post. I then spent 2 minutes on his site (not hours) and found out that my first analysis (without even looking at his site I might add) was right on. Please look at his site then look at my critique of the site. If I made bad suggestions let us know. If you can find no fault with my analysis then, and this is meant as harshly as it sounds, keep your mouth shut. The guy got on here asking for a site review and I'm the only one that helped him. You were to lazy or ignorant to help. So once again keep your mouth shut.
>And I'm going to stay on the soapbox until someone knocks me down.

I still say you are Sugar-Coating it, being too nice. The only Good Page is One That Sells (insert theme from The Seven Samurai, or Magnificent Seven).

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