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Re: Help me Pretty please !!!!
From Greg B at on 25 Dec '99
replying to Re: Help me Pretty please !!!! posted by Karren

>Darryl I could not agree more, I'm sure in Australia much like America there is a big unemployment problem and we need our younger entrepreneur's to go out and make opportunities for themselves much like this lad named lee, Congratulations and much support must be given to this kid. The people that put him down and made fun of him, shame on you, I am currently employed as a physiatrist in the army and have been doing this for the last 4 years. From what I have read this is a classic example of a bunch of bullies picking on someone smaller, probably because there jealous of the talent of a young kid, I urge Ionzone, Greg and Cybereye to reconsider there actions and apologize, You need to start acting like adults and not act like bunch of little children, and ionzone please come to see me when you have some spare time and we can discuss what you can do with your spare time better, rather then spending endless hours going over this kids site and pointing out all the flaws, surely I hoping you have more of a life than this ! To lee maybe calling them or him a loser was not the best action to take however I do agree with you can sympathize with you, Ionzone obviously holds him self on a high pedestal and harasses anyone who is not as good as him, Keep going lee as I'm sure you will succeed seeing as of such a young age.
>To ionzone "harshly" Get a life

Okay, hold on... I think everyone is missing the point here. IonZone's point in the initial reply was that in order to publish a Web site, it might be a good idea to know a little something about what it's about. If Lee is asking advice on how to design his Web design Web site, it becomes clear that he does not know much about Web design...yet.

Instead of flaming each other, let's try to make this thread one of contructive criticism. Here is my (not harsh) suggestion to Lee:

Why don't you try developing some Web sites for free or very little to build a porfolio of your work? Or maybe a special interest site on something you're interested in? After you develop a few sites, you'll have a much better handle on what it takes to design a site, including graphics design (which you obviously have some experience), promotion, and marketing. After you know the ins and outs of Web design, you'll probably have a better shot at being successful, and you won't need to ask our advice.

I still agree with IonZone at some level, but hey, you know, it's Christmas, good will towards men, and all of that. Good luck Lee.

Merry Christmas!

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