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Re: Begging for opinions!!!!
From Deb on 27 Dec '99
replying to Begging for opinions!!!! posted by Sabrina Hamilton

Hi Sabrina!

First let me say I think the site looks very nice...the photo's are
clear and concise, and the categories of baskets are great.

I suggest you create a hotlink off of each individual basket's page
listing the items contained therein. Most folks spending this kind
of money for a gift want to know precisely what they are getting. Your
disclaimer regarding substitutions would cover any discrepancy.

I also noticed under "holiday baskets" that there is no listing for
either "Valentines" or more importantly "Easter"! I assume you'll
be adding these in the New is imperative that you promote
*now* to generate the hits by Feb/April. You could take the time to
learn yourself...and spend the time/money on the software to do it,
but you mighten see results until next X-Mas. As it is a business
and traffic is the name of the game, I'd highly recommend contacting and letting them sort out the WEB page promotion part
for you. Should imagine as it's a business expense it would be a
tax write off anyway....

Next I'd do an advertizing blitz locally just before Valentines;
both radio stations, and in local newspapers...if your budget permits.
One great way to get free air time on a radio station is to donate
a basket to be given away, the DJ can then give out your URL on
the air repeatedly over a period of a few days and your both benefit!
Baskets can also be donated to charity auctions/organizations with
the same effect.

Depending on how large a business you wish to build (it's important
not to expand beyond your capacity to fulfill orders in the early
stages, to keep your reputation in tack), you can take out hardcopy
ads in upscale gourmet magazines such as Bon Apetite, etc. These are
quite pricey, so should be geared towards the major holiday traffic least two-three months before X-Mas for instance.

The mainstay in your type of service oriented cottage industry is
to get across the concept that your baskets are top quality,
consistently well received merchandise, so a page with some 'satisfied
customers comments' might be helpful as well.

Seems like your on the right track and as internet commerce increases
into the next century, you will be right where you need to be to
take advantage of this growing segment of the economy!

Hope these ideas help...

Happy New Year,

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