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Re: check out this site.
From CyberEye® at Web Site Promotion on 27 Dec '99
replying to Re: check out this site. posted by Deb

>Nice design, just needs a couple of tweaks...first...spell check,
>as the second sentence contains a typo, and I believe Bayswater is
>spelled with a can double check, but I believe that's correct.
>To provide a professional format, you must make sure your pages
>are grammatically correct!
>As for the content, I'd highly recommend photo's for the properties.
>You have a photo of the business on the front page, so I'll assume
>you have access to a would make all the difference in
>the world if your clients could have visual images of what is being
>described in the text. If you don't have a scanner readily available
>it would be a very worthwhile investment (they are fairly inexpensive
>these days).
>Also, you should include a page where people can feed in their
>contact information, including a section for them to describe
>properties/locations they are searching for in the London area.
>This will allow you to generate business both ways, from your end
>and also by matching incoming queries to existing properties.
>Looks like you have a fine start and are ahead of the game, as
>most realtors aren't even wired yet!
>Best of luck,


Content is King. Get as many words onto your pages as you pssibly can justify, talk about the Product - Service - Locations, etc. The New Search Engines will show you no mercy, they want words, words, words, Content, not Design. Give each page 50000-1500 words, if you can. Other than that, nice.

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