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Re: Requesting Your Critique
From Patrick R at Scenic Online on 27 Dec '99
replying to Requesting Your Critique posted by Lonny

To start out, congratulations on the forum, ***it's working!***.

It's very difficult to get a forum up that develops a lot of traffic
and a life of it's own.

I like the background very much, it's clean and easy to read off.

I like the lottery ticket gimmick, too. It's a good idea.

Now for the critiques.

1) Drop the splash page. Use the home port page as your entry page, it
took me a second to realize what was going on, and I almsot clicked
on the web-ring links and immediately left you site.

2) Work out a navigation system, and use it on ***EVERY*** page
throughout the site. It's annoying to have to go back to the homeport
in order to go to a different section. (see what I did at

3) Pick a strong visual line, and stick to it. Rather than having your
subjects justified left, right, and center, pick one justification and
stick to it, it makes it MUCH easier for new users to browse your site.

4) Lighten up the internet home page so it loads faster. Keep doing it,
the faster the better. Also, it doesn't seem very sailing specific,
other than your links to the left, maybe add more sailing content
(localized weather broadcasts, more sailing specific advertising, etc.)

5) If I can make one recommendation it is to invest in Robin Williams
and John Tollett's book on web design "The non-Designer's Web Book". I
find it an invaluable tool to help me critique my designs. A Warning,
it will make you pereptually unhappy with your designs. Oh-well
"Great art is never finished, simply abandoned"

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