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Re: Critique Request, please
From Deb on 3 Jan '00
replying to Critique Request, please posted by Rance E


I tried to access your site last week and couldn't (error message..)
this time I got, for what it's worth, here goes...:)

First, I agree that the background is too distracting, and the title
of your page (which I can tell by the marquee is the name of your
store) is a bit I'd expected it to be a 'party' store
(i.e. a place that sells balloons, paper plates, napkins, etc.) not a
curiosity shop. Although you seem to sell invitations and costumes...
quite an eclectic place! Not sure how that diversity works on the WEB
from a marketing your appealing to such a wide variety
of interests...

As I could only access the one link (art & sculpture), and the photo's
on that link page didn't load, it's hard to say just what your selling,
but I did love the graphic photo on that page! I suggest you get a
higher resolution shot of the store front to place on the homepage,
as the existing one isn't clear enough...

Also, I'd lose the graphic on the left-hand side of the homepage, as it
doesn't seem to have any significance and just detracts from the rest...

I assume your going to have an on-line order form/shopping cart system
which will require it's own link off the homepage...I think that's
preferable to making folks find it via the catalogue page. As the
primary focus of your site is to 'sell' items, an ORDER link should be
available off everypage...don't make them search for it...

It seems a bit early to give much more in the way of advice, the site
appears well laid out, and the shop itself certainly looks fascinating
so...let the promotion guru's tell you what they think of the Meta Tags,
etc. and hopefully, once it's all up and running you'll find yourself
inundated with virtual customers...:)

Best of Luck,

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