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Re: Help with start up!
From Patrick R at Rose Hollow on 9 Jan '00
replying to Help with start up! posted by Ed Siok

I agree with david. The graphics load WAY to slowly, and the banner ads don't work on these kinds of sites.
Rule of thumb, if you're giving free content, it's okay to have banner ads, but when you're selling something,
they don't work. Unless you make more $ off the banner ads (Otherwise they just steal business).

Here are few ideas:

1) Lose the splash page. It takes way too long to load and I feel cheated when it's finished because all
I can do is wait AGAIN for the real page to load.

2) Don't give so much real-estate to your logo. I have that problem too, and it's hard not to do,
but resist. Stick with the page headings only.

3) Don't put have a back button (I can use the navigation bar, thanks

4) Your background slows everything down because it's so big. See if you can keep the headers as seperate GIF
files and set them in a table with no cellpadding or spacing.

5) Tighten up your navigation links and make it 12-point.

6) Organize your navigation links better. Home, Services, Prices, News, About Us, Links. Remember what your
priorities are: Selling your Services, make them the first option.

7) Rewrite your text to make it more coherent. The sentences don't feel to flow. Also don't use pronouns
(It, they, that, etc) It's too vague, and it's un-professional
ie. "We use Javascripting and other new *things* that will just make your site look nice".

How about "We use Javascripting and other cutting-edge techniques to make your website stand out."
See how I replaced *things* with something that sounds more necessary and important. Hey, you're in High School
take a print out to some of your teachers and ask for their help. Ask your parents, your Uncle Joe whpo works
id advertising, whoever you can find with expereince. Trust me, it's not like saying "We're little kids and can't do it"
ANYONE starting out has to go around and scrounge for tidbits of advice if they want to be successful.
(I'm starting up a new business, and it seems like that's all I do) Pretend your doing a project for a class
and interview some of your competition for advice. Work up some GOOD questions before you do though. I wish I could
do that kind of undercover work. ;)

8) Good luck. The thing that will really decide whether your successful or not is whwther or not you keep at it.
Microsoft in it's first year barely paid it's employees enough to eat. They had to sleep in the wharehouse where they
set up shop. So just keep chipping away.

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