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Re: Critique and Evaluation
From Scott on 12 Jan '00
replying to Re: Critique and Evaluation posted by Vlad

>>>>I would like to know your opinion about our new site and service. I am still submitting the site with the major search engines...
>>>Very professional looking design. Clean html. Search engine ready.
>>>1 thought; the lens flare over the logo looks a little out of place, maybe it would look better as the dot on the "i". Just a thought, not a big deal.
>>Good looking site. I think the service needs to be explain further. What exactly happens. Give examples. How does a person use a "folder"? Explain in detail all the little stuff that is very apparent to you but not to a new user. Very good looking site tho.
>Scott & IonZone,
>Thank you for your comments!
>Scott, do you think a link from the front page, something like "Tell me more..." and an extra page with explanations will do?
>I agree there should be more explanatory stuff on the page. On the other hand, I would like to keep the site as simple and brief as possible.
>What do you believe I should do to get listed on Yahoo?

Give a real example of a web site. And then how to get there by using the short link. Give an example of a current web address that has somehow been linked by one of your short links. Show both addresses.

You might be able to nicely give out pertinant information by adding a "FAQ" page. You can list questions that might be asked along with your answers. Just to get you started here are maybe some questions you might get started with.

How does the short link work?

Can you give an example of how typing in the short link will take me to my real web address?

What is "Path forwarding and how does it work?"

What is cloaking and why would I use it?

Why are you offering this service for free?


Good luck!

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