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Re: Website Critique
From Deb on 13 Jan '00
replying to Website Critique posted by Rich Siok


My first thought when I viewed the site was 'what signs'???

Perhaps a design on the homepage that allowed folks to visually see
what kind of signage you a graphic of a car with
"Appealing Signs" on the door...or better yet a "door" with that
lettering on it...

I say this because there are so very many different varieties of signs
from neon through to's better to incorporate the exact
nature of your type of signage right up front on the homepage.

I agree the banner at the top of the page is far too distracting.

I would also recommend replacing the 'exhibit photos' immediately,
as the resolution is poor and people may think the 'signs' themselves
are not clear...and if you are advertising the fact that you produce
products which are clear/concise marketing should be sure
to have very clear pictorial displays...this goes for the 'safety signs'
page as well...the first photo is full of flash glare.

I feel the same about the "custom logos"...if you are advertising creating
'state of the art' logo's and your own does not appear that way on the
site...people will question your ability to produce them.

I would also include price quotes...just some rough guidelines
in table give folks an idea of price ranges, as I assume
your goal is to offer on-line you'll need a secure form/
shopping cart system later on as well.

I hate to be so negative here...because your son has done an admirable
thing in helping his Dad forge into ecommerce...certainly few products
have the remarkable 'fit' for this medium that your's affords. But the
key is being 'state of the art' ART being the keyword...and if
graphic design is your bread and must display a more discerning
eye. Due to the nature of your seems imperative to me
that you have an especially visually pleasing, cutting-edge site...

Otherwise it's like a WEB designer putting up a site with dead links and
text that requires scrolling to the right...I doubt he'd get as much
business as someone who paid attention to detail and had a more functional

Anyway, just a few thoughts and again...the premise is perfect, the
categories are just needs more text, clearer photo's and
better graphic/logo/design...

Hope this doesn't discourage your son to 'keep at it'!

and best of luck,


(as Jeff has stated many times on this board)
that you 'up' the level of verbage on your pages...more discription or

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