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Re: Need opinion about competitors threat posted in guestbook
From Patrick K Collard on 15 Jan '00
replying to Need opinion about competitors threat posted in guestbook posted by Thad

>I recently recieved a threatening post from a competitor. She has posted this in my guestbook of all places. I figure that she thinks that she might be able to scare off any potential customers and maybe take away some of my credtibility and integrity. If you ask me, the reverse has happened.
>She claims to be seeking a patent that would "ruin" me. Whether that's true or not, I shall look into it; my question is, should I allow her post to remain in my guestbook, even if she asks/demands that I remove it? After all, she put it there in the 1st place. I placed a link to my respone to her threat, and I think she now is angry. Any 2 cents would be appreciated.
>Thad W

She expressed herself within the First Ammendment, but it's your website, thus you control the content. I've always believed that a good offense if better than a good defense. I would suggest making an example out of her in a professional and dignified manner by using her comments to boost your sales and client retention. If crafted properly she will look like the uneducated and non-professional, which she seems to be and really not your competitor at all. See how I did that.

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