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Re: site evaluation, critique
From Justin on 17 Jan '00
replying to Re: site evaluation, critique posted by Steve Simon

>>>>> This is my second request for evaluations.
>>>>>After my first request, two folks wrote back after a visit to my site.
>>>>>Pretty brutal comments, but after the personal hurt goes away, there was a couple of points I attended to.
>>>>> I changed a couple of things, and am now ready to be crushed again.
>>>>>I figure if I go through this process a few times my site will get better (even if I need theropy).
>>>>Those graphics load toooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.
>>>>Maybe have the same plain door graphic for each and text describing whats inside. That way you only have 1 door graphic.
>>>Thank you for responding David.
>>>I am a neophyte at contsruction, I assume you mean use the one plain door as a graphic hyperlink with text underneath to describe the links; or were you talking about something more exotic, such as the same graphic, but text overlayed on the graphic (door)thus one graphic to load but ten different appearances. If you're talking about the text underneath the door, question, why bother with a graphic at all if the text isn't "built in" to the graphic. If you're talking about the text over the graphic, how do you accomplish that? I've not done: text on top of graphics yet?
>>>Thanks for your time,
>>> Steve
>>I suggest you get rid of the door graphics alltogether.
>>They don't really add anything to the site
>>except they do make me crazy having to wait for them.
>>Also, the type is so small on the doors now that lots of people
>>are going to have to get out their glasses. Maybe just a nice
>>clean list of links with a description of what is in each set of links.
>>Just my two cents for whatever it's worth.
> Well a few hours later, and the doors are modified. Only one left just for the symbolic effect (portal). I went with text links with pop up explainations. If you have the time take a look and tell me what you think.
> Steve

1000% better without the doors! Bravo!

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