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From Jeff on 22 Jan '00
replying to Re: Sailing Site Critique Please posted by Jeff

>>Hey gang,
>>Remember me? I was here last month and asked for your critique of my site Sailing I have implemented almost every one of your suggestions and am now asking for yet another critique of the results.
>>The two things left for me to do (at your suggestion) are:
>>1) Make the 'Internet Home Page' load faster. I just haven't had the time to remake this page yet.
>>2) Get more content specific advertising. This has been hard to find. I am searching for affiliate programs for sailing related products and services, but so far has been difficult. I will continue to work on this.
>>Thanks. I appreciate anything you say...good or bad let me have it!
>Very Nice. I wonder why your doorway page is used ( I would LOAD the
>meta page name with more key words upfront and make it shorter. The
>page name is VERY important to some search engines. Most search engines
>only look at the first 70 or so letters of the meta page name.
>I think AV also favors short two or three word page names.

Correction-I was looking at your meta description, not the title. But do
try to use several keywords in your title which is VERY important to
SEs. The meta description is also important, of course. But in my opinion
the title is of utmost importance at least with Alta Vista. I can't
believe how many titles on the web begin with "Welcome to..." No one
searches for "Welcome to!"

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