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Re: Site critique, please
From Deb on 26 Jan '00
replying to Site critique, please posted by Jonathan


It's a bit hard to critique a site for which no 'source code' exists.
Whatever did you create that in? I believe this is the first
time I've had 'view source' unavailable to me...

From a purely asthetic point of view...I'm going to be rather blunt here:

Personally, I'd have severe reservations about making any 'reservation'
at a place that had 'black' as the background for it's Homepage!
As an American traveling abroad, I'd want to be assured anywhere I'd
book would be 100% safe and certainly somewhere I'd enjoy staying...
face it, there is a lot of competition out there for 'rental cottages'.
You need to make yours 'inviting' (i.e. homey, quaint, secure) and the
connotation 'black' evokes..ain't it! I'm left wondering who/what the
heck is *that* all about...and would immediately click through to another
less foreboding venue...

I also would retake a photo of another bedroom (I take it there
is a 'larger' double room in the house you could show) as the one
displayed is not very 'inviting' (there's that key word again)...

Anyway, I would definately change the design of the entire site before
submitting a thing...and I'm not sure how the search engines will treat
the site as I couldn't view the source code so have no idea how the META
TAGS etc. are set up...

Know this is probably not what you'd hoped to hear, but on a positive
note...the cottage looks super from the first photo...and you have the
advantage of a great name "Acorn Lodge" so use it to advantage and make
the site woodsy in appearance or have 'leaves' as a theme or something
far brighter and cheerier than Black with illegible color fonts on it.

Hope this helped somewhat and didn't discourage you completely...but
take it from someone who's booked many a holiday cottage rental in the
UK...bright and cheery wins over dark and mysterious everytime...unless
your a druid...:)


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