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Re: Site Critique
From Andrew on 27 Jan '00
replying to Site Critique posted by Maurice Bourne

move the title to the top and change it to "Motorcycle Trailers and Three Wheel Cars"

all the spacing between your words (motorcycle trailers) looks cute, but I dont know if it eliminates the phrase "motorcycle trailers"

why the "SIMPLE-MINDED" explanation at the bottom?? it just dilutes the keyword density of your text .......... JUST DO IT!

page 1, page2, page 3 why? I dont care what page # it is, just what its about.

default colors on the links are more understandable, page1, while underlined isnt even a link, yet it look like all the rest.

any word thats UNDERLINED should be a link

personally, i want a HELL of a lot more info on the sports boat (actually, you could use a lot more info on everything).

page 9; ah? you worked hard to get people to your site. you really want to give them a way to leave??????????

table of contents for the page, at the top of your FAQ might be nice.

ahhhhhhhm, just how fast is that sport boat? Got a marine engine for it? Will it fit 3 people? can it pull a skier? hmmmmm, 13 grand? you throw in a trailer for it?

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