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Re: Site critique, please
From deb on 27 Jan '00
replying to Re: Site critique, please posted by Jonathan

Hi Jonathan,
>Thanks for taking the time to help.

your more than welcome...:)
>>have no idea how the META
>>TAGS etc. are set up...
>I've pasted them below so that you could have a look at them

Add the following keywords:
lodgings, accommodations, bedsitters, UK, houses for rent, rooms

I'll defer to the 'promotion guru's' for the remainder of the
advice on this subject...I'm the marketing maven...<grin>

>I've changed the colours for a start - no more black...
>What other criticisms/suggestions have you? (I'll take the new photos soon)

Like the BG color far better, but you lost the Acorns...I'd put them back.
I'd also immediately lose the frames...make it impossible to promote and
hard to view the site properly...

Change the 'prices' link on the homepage to 'rates'...make it
black and on the same line as the others...I missed it altogether
both times I visited, only just now saw it...people hate to have to
search a site for that all important info!

Also, perhaps you could add some pictures of the local attractions,
like the castle forinstance...just for some added interest.

>No, I appreciate it. It's better getting a slagging now than later on.

Deb's the name...slagging's the game...:) Seriously, I apologize if I
was a bit too abrubt...chaulk it up to "Cabin Fever" as we've been under
2ft of snow since Tuesday!

>>illegible color fonts on it.
>My laptop doesn't show colours very well. Hopefully the new ones are OK: I can't tell properly.

Seems far better on my browser, although brown and yellow is not my fav
color combo...yellow with dark green maybe...then the acorns could be brown..:)

It's a big improvement already...really!

Thanks for being so patient and amenable,


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