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Re: Site Critique, Please
From CyberEye® at deadlock Design on 28 Jan '00
replying to Re: Site Critique, Please posted by kimberly

>>>Please forgive the poor quality of the car pics. We'll get down there with the digital soon. In the mean time, what do ya think? Many thanks in advance.
>>This is the 3rd time you have asked for a review, and I don't see anything thats changed since the first time. You even have the same cars listed. Why do you show a car thats sold anyway? Next time you ask for a review of the exact same site give us a hint or 2 on the changes, if any, that you've made. Or maybe you can go back and read the reviews from the first time. Just some thoughts to keep everybody from wasting more time.
>The third time? I think it is the second. Only one person responded then and didn't have a lot to say, but I did appreciate the help. (I also didn't have meta tags yet, and in my opinion, a lot else about the site has changed.) The car that sold is left on the site for a short time to let the shopper know that sales are being made. Studies show that vehicle sales go up when the seller gives the appearance that business is good. I don't know why that is, but marketing-types know it to be true. I'm sure sorry I wasted more of your time, forgive me for taking up space on your planet.

This is basically a nice little site, potentially. It needs more pages, maybe 8-10 minimum. You need to make use of headlines, text, Content, etc., and I will e-mail you some Rules Of The Road which you can use to improve your Content, structure, etc., so that the engines will hopefully be kind to you, if you wish. I have not looked at your meta tags, but I will also send you the Format, and some URLs where you can learn more. Keep up the enthusiastic and carefully done work.

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