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One more request for site critique
From Hans Biedermann at Pages with free Email, Graphics, Marketing, free Services and more ! on 28 Jan '00
Servus everybody !

As I saw quite many people are asking for site critique, I´ll ask you too.
I´ve started last december to create a site with my own graphics, marketing tips, services etc. I´ve got a shock, as sombody told me my home page needs 60 seconds to load and I made a complete new design, to be faster loading, but not to resign on all graphics. The result is here

My questions to the specialists:
1) How do you like the design ? Are the links in the left bar readable ?
2) How is loading time, compared with average ?
3) What do you think about content of my site ? Would YOU come back sometime ?
4) How it´s prepared for the search engines ?

An other question : everywhere you can read about importance of popularity, by links. How can a new established site have many links ? I posted my site to FFAs like crazy, I took part on „linkstoyou", etc. All what I reached are all together about 500 links, but all from FFA and linkstoyou-pages. How much worth is this ? Will this FFA-links not be recognized from SEs and valued less than „normal" links ?

I´ve submitted several times to SEs (beginning january), posted to FFAs, classifieds, etc. the result I can proudly report: 10 visitors a day, halleluja !

So I got tired by asking and I hope you´ll be not too tired for answering.

If you find my English not too clear, I´m just cultivating my fine Austrian accent, which isn´t so easy in written form.

Thank you in advance for your critics.



In return for any answer(possibly email?), I´ll put a link to your site in my „nice people"-departement.

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