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Re: Yahoo...I don't think I will ever get listed!
From Ray B. at Africa Christian Love In Action on 19 Feb '99
replying to Re: Yahoo...I don't think I will ever get listed! posted by Andrew

No, it's not just, or even primarily, the domain name issue: I have my own DN and have been trying each two weeks for over 7 months, using all (most?) of the ideas I see you guys post. So far, nothing has worked. I have even thought about putting on a tie and jacket before posting next time.

I HAVE wondered about that blacklist thing...

I suspect that your banner ad idea is right on target. My site is for a Christian friend in South Africa who delivers food, etc. to Sudan's war zone, so it would likely be a lower search count (lately I have averaged about 40-50 hits per day, normally less than half of which are from SE's).

Perhaps they don't want to clutter up their system with too many of what is in their estimation a low traffic search pattern. How many individuals are likely to be searching for humanitarian aid sites on any given day? Certainly not thousands. It's a business decision, and I understand that. Whether or not they are correct in their assumption, or their decision, is another matter.

Meanwhile, thanks for all you good folks do to help dummies like me be a bit better.

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