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Got rid of the frames - is this better? [Re: Site critique, please]
From Jonathan Wilson at Acorn Lodge Holiday Accommodation - Bushmills on 28 Jan '00
replying to Re: Site critique, please posted by deb

Thanks Deb for your help - would anyone else like to comment? (please)


>Add the following keywords:
>lodgings, accommodations, bedsitters, UK, houses for rent, rooms
I've added it, but what is a "bedsitter" (US word?)

>I'll defer to the 'promotion guru's' for the remainder of the
>advice on this subject...

>Acorns...I'd put them back.
yep (smaller)
>I'd also immediately lose the frames...
yep - what do you think?
>Change the 'prices' link on the homepage to 'rates'...
>pictures of the local attractions,
When I get the chance.

>2ft of snow since Tuesday!
It was on the news here about your snow there, so it must be bad!

>brown and yellow is not my fav
>color combo
What are the colours like now?

>Thanks for being so patient
Your advice has been very useful, but I am losing my patience with computers...



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