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Re: Got rid of the frames - is this better? [Re: Site critique, please]
From Deb on 28 Jan '00
replying to Got rid of the frames - is this better? [Re: Site critique, please] posted by Jonathan Wilson

>Thanks Deb for your help

Thank you for being so flexible in your design elements...most WEBMASTERS
are far too 'possessive' to ever be that open to contructive criticism...
>>Add the following keywords:
>>lodgings, accommodations, bedsitters, UK, houses for rent, rooms
>I've added it, but what is a "bedsitter" (US word?)

Thought it was British!...LOL

>>Acorns...I'd put them back.
>yep (smaller)

Only see one...but it's cute...:)

>>I'd also immediately lose the frames...
>yep - what do you think?

much better...but lose the wallpaper background...just the plain color
worked, don't want to distract people from the text...CONTENT IS KING!

>>Change the 'prices' link on the homepage to 'rates'...

This works much better...

>>pictures of the local attractions,
>When I get the chance.

No hurry...just a suggestion...I'm sure you'll be adding and editing
many times over the years.
>>2ft of snow since Tuesday!
>It was on the news here about your snow there, so it must be bad!

Yes, and we're due for more tomorrow evening in the form of an ICE STORM!
California's lookin better all the time....
>>brown and yellow is not my fav
>>color combo
>What are the colours like now?

Still yellow and brown...did you change them?
>>Thanks for being so patient
>Your advice has been very useful, but I am losing my patience with computers...

They could oft times try the patience of a saint...

>(ex-Druid) you'll virtually be worshipping at the foot of a monitor!


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