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Sorry My Mistake
From IonZone on 29 Jan '00
replying to Re: Site Critique, Please posted by CyberEye®

My apologies, you did only post once before. The reason behind the "sold" thing sounds good. However aside from meta tags what else has changed? Same background, same logo, same layout, same 3 pages, same content. As far as your first time around, even though you got a minimal response, maybe everyone agreed with those comments or didn't care enough about your site to comment. Look at James', it was more of a waste of time to critique your site than critique me. And, I agree with the first post and CyberEye. Your site is small and boring. It's nice looking but there is very little to review.

Soap Box:

#1 Many people swing by here looking for a site review and there are very few people who care enough to help. If you keep posting your site for a review after every minor change you are taking away from others that are needing a site reviewed for the first time.

#2 This is a public forum if you ask for feedback, then don't complain when you get it!

#3 And really people this is only a few words on a page. Ease off the caffeine and steroids.

p.s. To James, aside from verbally assaulting people what do you/have you contributed to this board? This month your name shows up 0 times.

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