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Re: Site Critique
From Maurice at M W Bourne Builds Motorcycle Trailers and Three Wheel Cars on 29 Jan '00
replying to Re: Site Critique posted by Andrew

Andrew- thanks for your critique! I read somewhere (?) that the
search engines (Yahoo for one) wanted the title of a first page to
be the company name. I also wanted to include key words in my title.
Hence the long rambling title. I like the
title that you suggested, but I don't want to do something that will
anger the search engine gods.

I'll re-think all my links.

OK, I agree that the "simple-minded" has got to go.

My idea with page 9 was to attract visitors, not loose visitors. I
listed each page seperately with the search engines and I was hoping
that customers would find my INDEX and be drawn into my web site.
This may be a bad idea.

I hope to get more feed-back as helpful as yours- then I'll make changes.

The boat takes a Chevy 4.3 liter small block. It is converted for
marine use. Runs 60 mph plus. Carries 3 adults. Hauls skiers like
crazy. Comes with a trailer. It's the Boss Boat everywhere it goes.

Thanks again for your comments. I need all the help I can get.


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