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Re: web site valuation
From Inachu at Help Desk on 2 March '00
replying to web site valuation posted by martin williams

In some ways writing a website is like writing a book.

If you think too far ahead you will get writers block and will never
put the information you intend to put in in the first place!

I suggest the following:

Use scratch paper design the layout where everything will sit.
Evaluate if you have the software that can do this.

If so just make a template. dont worry about info at first it will
slow you down. After the basic structure is done you can now fill in
the missing information. Now test the speed. Are the banners slow?
Optimize the jpegs and gifs. If they dont load fast people won't click'em.

So go and build without thinking. If so then you will stumble and you will
erase the html and start over.

once you are done you can make several different versions of the same

Also check to see if you might be using CGI or PERL.


>I am shortly going to try and draw up a buisness plan for a site I intend to design. It will be information and not sales site, so I was wondering how do I etimate its future value maybe from advertizing revenue. The more visitors, the more it would be worth, so is there a formula for this, I`m stuck !
>Any help would be appreciated.
>with thanks,
>Martin Williams.

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