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Re: How do you add News/weather/etc.?
From Phil Wiley at Phil Wiley's All the Secrets on 6 March '00
replying to How do you add News/weather/etc.? posted by Rance E

>I was curious if there is a way to add news, weather, sports, stocks, etc. to a webpage, similar to how the bigger search engines do it? Is this practical for a smaller page? Any services and/or software out there? Any tips would be appreciated, thanks in advance
>Rance Edwards


here's an article I wrote on the subject a month or so ago. It lists heaps of places offering free news content for your site.

All the ( Free ) News You Can Use
by Phil Wiley

A new survey has found that 16% of us use the Internet to look at news.

So maybe it's about time you added it to your own site.

There aren't too many sites around offering news you can use on your own pages - well not for free anyway - but there are a few to choose from. Most of the ones listed here show the news via java "tickers" which offer scrolling news updates.

News can be a great addition to your site It's a great way to add timely information to your site, and it might just keep your visitors hanging around a bit longer - well that's one of the theories anyway.

The 7am News Ticker at is the news service I will probably add to my own site. It's a small horizontal java ticker which displays the latest headlines and they're all clickable. Through their simple setup process, you can specify whether the target page loads in the current window, a new window, or an existing frame. There's also 7am FreeWire on offer, which lets you display entire stories in the form of whole Web pages on your site. The Ticker itself is a very small Java applet that can be added to your own pages by including just a small amount of extra HTML code. One day they intend adding advertising to the service, but right now it's ad free. There are now over 38,000 web pages all around the world carrying the ticker, and it's easy to join them.

iSyndicate is also impressive because it adds the latest news photo's to your site. It's especially good for general news content, but lets you tweak the content a little to suit your site. iSyndicate Express offers breaking news, photos, forecasts, financial information, and horoscopes. You can sign up at
The photo's are from Reuters so they're usually great quality.

News Index at probably offers the most comprehensive news coverage because of its news only search engine. You can keep your site up to date by using its Personalized News Ticker. It lets your users find the latest news and information on your specialized topic from around the world. Unlike most other tickers, YOU decide the content, not merely by some vague topic like sports or business, but can focus down to the exact area of interest. Mind you, if you are too specific with your news choices there might not be any news to display. To add it to your site, again it's java, simply choose the ticker style you want; enter the keywords for the topic you'd like displayed; and you'll be given the code for your ticker. Or use the code for a general ticker featuring the biggest stories of the day.

Incidentally News Index is also a good site to go to if you're looking for something specific in the news and want to to a fast search from over 300 newspapers.

The Mighty Informatron at offers free full page news, but their news channel gives you live updating Java World News, Business News, Stock Market Updates, Sports Scores. Plus Horoscopes, Games, Reference, Comics, Music, Fashion, Travel, Features...and more. They also have sports and financial channels to choose from.

Radio Ticker at lets you add music to your web page with the RadioTicker for free.

And if your site is about computer, technology and the net, you'll probably prefer to use the resources of TechWeb which you'll find at
A small piece of html code lets you display the latest technology headlines.

Artigen at lets you choose from channels for infotech, world, scitech, health, and coolsite.

Day Investor offers a free up-to-the minute stock ticker

And Sports Clicker, which updates every 10 minutes 24 hours a day, offers live sports scores and news. You'll find it at

by Phil Wiley

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