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Re: Images
From Andy at Tracewell Systems on 7 March '00
replying to Images posted by Thomas

>I noticed on some sites that they have tables with graphics on the end of a cell to make it look as if it was rounded. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to make an image color and a table color match up on Adobe Photoshop. Please help, I am desperate.

If you are trying to match a color on the web in photoshop, try 2 things:

first of all create the half circle to the correct size

1. The table may be done in 'web colors'. Go to the 'Image' menu, In 'mode' change image from 'RGB' to 'Indexed Color'. If you are already in 'Indexed Color', change it to 'RGB' then back to 'indexed color'. When you make that change you will get a text box. Change the palette to 'web'. It will optimize your image for web colors.

2. If that doesn't work you want to bring the web image into photoshop so you can sample the color. If it is a GIF or JPEG image that you are trying to sample, you can drag and drop any image from the web to a photoshop window. Other than that you can just 'print screen' and copy it into photoshop, where you can sample the color.

Some problems I have encountered is trying to match GIF's and JPEG's. It gives me enough headaches that sometimes I want to go design for print where file size is not the limiting factor

Hope I was of some help.


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