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Re: copyright information
From Nicholas on 22 Jan '99
replying to copyright information posted by Lisa

>Could someone please tell me if the following is an infringement on copyright laws? I want to use some tips on my "Help Page" that I got from a book. The book is available at any public library. The tips will either have footnotes to a "works cited" section at the bottom of the webpage or I will place a disclaimer at the top of the page giving full credit to the book. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Copyright is literally the "right to copy."

Copying more than 2 lines of poetry or 1 paragraph of text
is generally copyright violation in countries that care
about the Berne convention, which is most countries.

"Giving credit" or attribution makes no difference whatsoever
to whether a violation has occured. In fact it proves it.

A creator owns copyright the moment the pen lifts from
the page. But in the US registration ($20, and easily done)
adds serious legal protections.

The web is still fairly laidback, working on the "I caught you,
delete it!" principle, though law firms have been sueing people
over keyword-jacking.

Copyright is not a "he said, she said" kind of injury. It's
pretty flagrant, the judge gets it, the jury gets, it and
the offender usually loses.

But of course the web is still fairly laidback.

Few professional writers will sue you if you give attribution.
You're helping sell their product. Cartoonists seem to have
a shorter sense of humor.

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