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Re: Cascading Style Sheets...
From James ... on 26 Jan '99
replying to Cascading Style Sheets... posted by Pooja Mittal

>hey guys!
>I've recently been studying Cascading Style Sheets and now im wondering wot effect they have on promotion...
>I recently learned from deadlock itself that <h1> tags are significant with regards to web promotion...
>However, if we start using CSS to specify Styles then wot happens? Obviously, HTML dilution lessens (especially when using tables) but wot happens to H1 tags and TH tags?
>Also, any idea whether embedding is better or is it better to use external .css files?
>I'd appreciate any help ont he topic.. quite confusing i must say!!!!
>thanx a bunch.

Hello Pooja,

CSS will not affect your ranking. Style sheets don't change any
element's function, they just add style to the specified element.

For instance ...

-h1-This is a regular heading.-/h1-
<h1>This is a regular heading</h1>
-h1 style="color: darkcyan"-This is a styled heading-/h1-
<h1 style="color: darkcyan">This is a styled heading</h1>

I've replaced the "<" with "-" for this example. I hope it worked.

No change in the function of the heading just the color. :) Now,
embedding ...

If you want to apply a style sheet to an entire site, it is best to
use external sheets using this tag ...

-link rel="stylesheet" href="./filename.css"-

For just one page, it's usually best to embed the CSS.

Thank you for using style! James ~*

Check out the latest spec at

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