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Re: Question about frames
From Patrick Rogers at on 21 April '00
replying to Question about frames posted by Darryl

>I am working on a frames site. I don't like frames, but this site has to use them for several reasons.
>Anyway, I am using a left and top frame. The problem is that I need to connect a graphic from the left frame to the grapihic in the top frame. Here is the link where I am trying to get this to work.
>I have the frame borders set to zero. Can anyone tell me what I need to do....

The reason it's leaving the gap is because of the page margins. Each
page has margins around it, you can see for yourself by having a empty
page with just a square image it in, the image is inset a few pixels
down and the right of the window border.

There are two ways arounf this.

1) there are tags you can put within
"<BODY>" tag something like "topmargin=0 leftmargin=0" You might want
to go to the bookstore and leaf through one of those HTML codexes.

The problem is I have tried using the margin tags, and they don't seem
to work 100% of the time, for reasons unknown to me.

What I would do is just use the second picts as backgrounds
rather than actual floating images, this sets them all the way to the

Don't forget to add white space to the bottom of the 1st graphic and to
the bottom and right of the second graphic though, otherwise you'll
get that wall paper effect.

The last option (and really the best) is to junk the frames and have
the frames that link to outside sites just open in a new window.

Hope this helps!

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