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Re: Business in Japan
From Inachu on 27 April '00
replying to Re: Business in Japan posted by Joseph

ROmanji is using english alphabet to spell japanese.

Kanji(meaning from China) is the spelling used in japan
along side with katakana,furigana and hiragana.

Most every Japanese can read romanji so I think it would be best
to use it or just english.

Many Japanese student are willing to help you for free translation.

You might want to do a search on "Japanese message boards"

or I can find someone to help you.

Or if you want to do it yourself you can get kanji talk or
unionway. But watch out for computer translators because
the meaning can come out down right rude or misleading.

Genki de,


>>I have many business links in Japan.
>>DO you have contacts or people to write romanji or Kanji?
>>>>I have a direct link to Japan.
>>>>Just tell me your business needs and I'll direct you to the proper
>>>>Do you prefer Kyushu or Tokyo or Kyoto? Or does it matter?
>>>Hi Inachu
>what is romanji or Kanji ??

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