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Re: Not Quite In Practical Terms
From Inachu at Help Desk on 8 May '00
replying to Not Quite In Practical Terms posted by MacMatŠ

I know I am replying to an old post but as we can see even the
Philipines are jacked into the net and everyone found out about
the love virus.

The thing you want to concern yourself with is "PING TIME"

Find out which server has the best overall performance.
There are many places you can ping from but a good
starting point is at and click on the utilities
section and you can ping and traceroute from all over.

I have many friends in Mongolia and my girlfriend works at
the mongolian emabassy. I have for the past couple of years seen
the increase of bandwidth in Mongolia and it is just as fast as
my dial in to my local isp on a 56k line.

It really should not matter where your .com lives but you could always

buy a domain and have the contact info with that of a US address to make it seem more viable. even though the server might reside
outside of the US.

Just using the word viable because as you might have seen when you search for something using USA
search engines youre more than like to to get US stuff an
UK search engines get mainly uk stuff. It would be nice to see a search engine.

That spiders the web regardless of location. and serves up info
truly specific to your needs. I have done severeal searches in the past for european items and only
US domains pop up.

So to sum it up I guess it would not hurt to have a Mongolian server and a US server hosting your pages.


>>If you don't want American business then you might as well not have
>>a Web site at all.
>What kind of bs is that? The internet is worldwide. Lets say you have a local flower shop in Australia that only delivers to Australians, it still may be great to have a website that appeals to Australians only. It serves as an excellent marketing tool regardless. Here's a tip: Not only Americans exist in this world and enjoy the internet.
>>In a nutshell, you want to have your server as close (physically) to
>>your potential customers as possible. The closer the server is, the
>>faster it'll be. For example, if you live in the USA, generally
>>speaking, a Web site on a server located in China will be slower for
>>you than the same Web site on the same server located in the USA,
>>wouldn't you agree?
>Perhaps by a few milliseconds, which means absolutely nothing in practical terms. I live in Canada, and I used to go to an interactive site in the UK a lot, which at many times seemed to run faster than a lot of other sites on the web which are American based. It has more to do with resources of the server than actual physical location. I know, because I've used local ISP's before in my province that produced slow responses of my website, even though I only live a few blocks away from it.

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