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Re: Multiple URL's
From David A on 9 May '00
replying to Multiple URL's posted by Joel Grollmus

>I have one business - catering. I have 3 URL's all catering related.
>Anyone have any suggestions as to how to be most effective? Should I have 3 sites, each somewhat different, pointing to each other (this is 3 times the cost) or have 1 site with all of the information on several pages and park the other 2 URL's. Maybe refer them to the published site. I gather that the search engines do not like 3 URL's regestered to them all pointing to 1 site. Any suggestions or pointers are welcome

We too have multiple domains (11). Here is what I am trying.
Have 1 domain be your main site.
On the others have them load frames.
Of course your index page where you load the frames would have full tags and body text for the SEs.
Now the frames, you only load a single frame, which is the url of your mainsite.
To finish it off on your main domain put in a tiny piece of Javascript which says "if you load me in a frame breakout of it".

This does 2 things. You get to utilize the other domains for SEs without having to maintain seperate sites. And you almost seemlessly forward visitors to your main page.

Yes, this screws up the BACK button, I'm working on that.

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