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You help me with your English - Ich helfe Dir mit meinem Deutsch
From Hans Biedermann at marketing, graphics, services like e-book compiler on 11 May '00
Servus miteinander (hi everybody),

Iīm Austrian trying to write English and itīs rather hard. Well my English is good enough for simple conversation and text, but in a competitive field my English is far away of beeing good enough and I really want to produce a quality (professional) site.

Sometimes Iīve seen other (not German speaking) people trying to write German and itīs a horrible vision for me, that my texts looks same funny for you as their texts was looking for me. Well, some like my Austrian accent (Thank you Judy, thank you Lesley), but some other told me something different :o(.

So what can I do ?

Iīve posted a similiar request some months ago and found some people. Some did some proofreading for me, some promised and didnīt. (So half of my site is in good English, the other half in Austrian-German-Pidgin) Some I feel I have overused and I donīt want to ask again (Thank you, Roy). And I donīt like to own somebody something.

On the other hand I cannot afford the help of professionals right now.

May be sombody is thinking about creating his site in German and I believe you should consider it, as itīs a quite big market (Austria+Switzerland+Germany) and some behind USA in web-evolution.

So, if you would help me by proofreading my English texts, I could help you in return by proofreading (or translating) your German text. Iīm open for any possible cooperation.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing from some of you soon.



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