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Here is some clarification
From David A on 24 May '00
replying to Re: I need some help posted by Jim

>>Can cgi scripts written in Perl be run under Win2k with IIS when
>>they are included in either an ASP or SHTML file?
>It depends what you mean by "included". The first thing you should do
>is to get the script running by any method you can (command line is
>the purest).
>Once you know that the script will actually run, then you can experiment
>with different methods of calling it, whether it's via an http call
>(browser), an SSI call (I presume this is what you mean by SHTML file)
>or whatever.
>In case you're trying to paste some Perl code directly into an SHTML
>file then no, you definitely can't do that.

With Apache you can use the "#include virtual" directive (SSI) to embed the output of a cgi script directly into an SHTML file.

The script is running and functional under Linux/Apache, now I need to switch it over to Win2k/IIS 5. The script actually runs fine if called directly however my problem is that I can't get the output embedded into an ASP or HTML file.

ASP does not recognize the "#include virtual" or "#exec cgi" directives it only recognizes "#include file". So what I was trying was to have an SHTML file (which does recognize "#exec cgi") call and run the script then have an ASP file #include the SHTML file. But no luck.

ASP will properly handle the inclusion of another ASP file. Meaning, if you include an ASP in an ASP the first will be processed and sent to the second and then the second wil be processed. It doesn't seem to work this way with SHTML files.

Now back to the short of it. How do I get the ouput of a functional cgi script embedded into an ASP file?

thanks Jim.

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