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Re: Here is some clarification
From Jim on 24 May '00
replying to Here is some clarification posted by David A

First of all, I have to admit that I have no experience with any
Microsoft server apps (through choice!) but I can give you a few

>my problem is that I can't get the output embedded into an ASP or
>HTML file.

So you're saying it would be OK if only you could use SSI on a page
called *.html instead of *.shtml ? Well, the usual way to allow SSI
on *.html pages is to put the permissions in an .htaccess file like

Options Includes
AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .html

This will only work if your server allows it though.

>ASP does not recognize the "#include virtual" or "#exec cgi"

Have you tried "#exec cmd" ?

>directives it only recognizes "#include file". So what I was trying
>was to have an SHTML file (which does recognize "#exec cgi") call
>and run the script then have an ASP file #include the SHTML file.

The old piggyback trick eh? I would guess that the Microsoft operating
system is giving precedence to the (Microsoft) ASP software, so the
SHTML file is being included before it has time to run the exec. Does
this sound right?

Have you double-checked your paths? Make sure each call works independently
before you try to combine them. In other words, make sure the ASP file
includes the rest of the SHTML file, and make sure the SHTML file
runs the Perl script and displays the output when you view it on its

>Now back to the short of it. How do I get the ouput of a functional
>cgi script embedded into an ASP file?

If you've tested everything as I've suggested above and you still get
no joy, I think you should forget about the "piggyback" route and
concentrate on finding out if it's possible to embed CGI output in
an ASP file, and if so how.

I've found that the best way of getting a straight answer is to boil
down the question into its purest form. The question you need to ask is:

"How do I embed the output of a CGI script into an ASP file?"

Some ideas about where to ask the question:

This one seems particularly useful:

From my personal point of view, your real problem is your attachment
to Microsoft and ASP, that's what's really holding you back. If you
were on an Apache/Linux system the whole thing would be a piece of
cake. Did I mention that deadlock is offering hosting accounts now...?

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