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Re: Here is some clarification
From David A on 24 May '00
replying to Re: Here is some clarification posted by Jim

>Have you tried "#exec cmd" ?

No dice

>The old piggyback trick eh? I would guess that the Microsoft operating
>system is giving precedence to the (Microsoft) ASP software, so the
>SHTML file is being included before it has time to run the exec. Does
>this sound right?

Thats it (I think).

>Have you double-checked your paths? Make sure each call works independently
>before you try to combine them. In other words, make sure the ASP file
>includes the rest of the SHTML file, and make sure the SHTML file
>runs the Perl script and displays the output when you view it on its

Yep this all works.

>If you've tested everything as I've suggested above and you still get
>no joy, I think you should forget about the "piggyback" route and
>concentrate on finding out if it's possible to embed CGI output in
>an ASP file, and if so how.

Through various newsgroups I was told it would only be possible if at all via the piggyback method. The docs on the Microsoft site vaguely support this.

>This one seems particularly useful:
I've already scoured the site and have the question posted in several of their forums. Searching the archives it seems this question has been asked but never answered several times.

>From my personal point of view, your real problem is your attachment
>to Microsoft and ASP, that's what's really holding you back. If you
>were on an Apache/Linux system the whole thing would be a piece of
>cake. Did I mention that deadlock is offering hosting accounts now...?

Everything was running fine with Linux/Apache/PHP. But our CIO made an 'executive' decision to switch everything to M$. The sysadmin and I are both stuck in the $hit now.

I'm still trying to figure out why M$ made ASP to recognize some but not all SSI directives.

thanks Jim

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