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From Brian on 2 June '00
Got some mail from JAYDE.COM

and read this.........

Copied from Webpronews(

3.) Is Your Domain Name A Trademark Infringement?

I recently received an email from a concerned, fellow Internet
business owner, asking for my opinion on an issue that could
literally destroy his Internet business and the business of several
other domains involved.

He had received legal notice from a prominent company, stating
that he needed to relinquish his use and rights to his website
domain name because it contained three letters that infringed upon
their trademark and their domain name. This same company also
contacted several other Internet business owners and made similar

THis very wrong and to prove it there was a case 4 years ago that

Radio Shack was going after any site that contained the words in the domain or title "SHACK" so I could have a site called "Brian's Shack" and they would come after me... many people hear dof this and started making up website with the word "SHACK" in it.

Well as it turned out .... Radio Shack did not win it's case.

RULE #1 never be bullied! Let people on the net hear you and we
can and will do something about it!


P.S. Don't believe everything you read.

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