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Re: Reason for posting today's date on sites?
From Brian on 4 June '00
replying to Reason for posting "today's date" on sites? posted by Jeff

Sure what you say can be true but there can be other reasons as well.

As far I know some bots can read scripts and use the variables as keywords...... go ahead and look at some sites that use variables
then search for the variables on the net. by using variables on the net you can make and use unique keywords that would only make your site pop up in teh search engine relevance. and if any other site pops up then it means they could have swiped your code.

Now thats how some sites go into the matter of tracking down web leechers who take code without asking. If you truly are the orginal programmer for that code you could sue them and make a lot of money.

that one reason to use java code like that......

I could keep going on and on but you get the idea..................


>Many major shopping sites such as post "today's date" usually
>near the top of the home page. They must feel it's important to use
>such valuable site real estate to display something most of us already
>know. What's the point???
>The only thing I can figure is that posting the date, shows the site
>is not abandoned (like too MANY sites) and implies the site is
>Anyway it take just a bit of javascript to add that feature (about 1KB)
>and today I joined in the fad. Take a look. Who am I to question
>Amazon's logic?
>Any thoughts on why so many sites post the date?

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