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How common is fraud on your commerce website?
From Jeff on 19 June '00
Just got our first shopping cart site running last month and
we're taking lots of orders. But we're seeing signs that some of our
merchandise shipments were paid with fraudulently obtained credit card
info. today, we stopped a $300 order from going out to the user of
stolen info.

So far, we haven't had our credit card provider charge us back, but
charge backs often occur many months after the sale. I'm worried that
we may get a ton of charge backs in a few months.

We allow ship and bill info to differ. We do get the customer's phone
number and email address. (yeah I know the email address doesn't mean
much anymore). We only sell inside the USA.

Note that we don't sell items that normally attract scamsters, such as
watches, music, jewelry. Our products are low priced and appeal to
older working women.

What percent of your online sales are charged back due to fraud? How
do you reduce fraud? Is fraud a major problem for your site?

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