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Re: How common is fraud on your commerce website?
From Thomas on 20 June '00
replying to Re: How common is fraud on your commerce website? posted by David A

It really depends on what industry your in. The highest is for sex sites but last time I checked it was around 4% (pretty low). It would really help to know exactly what kind of shopping cart your running and our you processing in Real time. i could then inform you how to cut down dramatically on your fraud.

>>Just got our first shopping cart site running last month and
>>we're taking lots of orders. But we're seeing signs that some of our
>>merchandise shipments were paid with fraudulently obtained credit card
>>info. today, we stopped a $300 order from going out to the user of
>>stolen info.
>>So far, we haven't had our credit card provider charge us back, but
>>charge backs often occur many months after the sale. I'm worried that
>>we may get a ton of charge backs in a few months.
>>We allow ship and bill info to differ. We do get the customer's phone
>>number and email address. (yeah I know the email address doesn't mean
>>much anymore). We only sell inside the USA.
>>Note that we don't sell items that normally attract scamsters, such as
>>watches, music, jewelry. Our products are low priced and appeal to
>>older working women.
>>What percent of your online sales are charged back due to fraud? How
>>do you reduce fraud? Is fraud a major problem for your site?
>We sell to mostly to middle age men. We have never had any significant amount of this type of thing.

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