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Re: Same Site, Different Browser
From kudeck at RTA Furniture Online on 14 Dec '98
replying to Same Site, Different Browser posted by Jochen Binikowski

>How can I test my site on different common browser? I heard that the installation of different browsers might cause conflicts at the PC.

No, the installation of different browsers does not cause problems... I currently have NN3.01, NN4.05 and IE4spk1 and test all my work on all three... in fact, I view it as absolutely mandatory to do so. The problem you run into is with IE. For various reasons (I won't go into them here) you cannot install multiple versions of IE on the same computer. Consequently, testing on IE3 when you are running IE4 is difficult. You either need a seperate PC or you can get by with an AOLv3.0 account (that uses IE3 as it's browser). With the IE problem aside, testing for cross-browser compatability is an ABSOLUTE MUST!

Also, I recommend that you test you site at various screen resolution and color palatte settings. Depending on what you used to design your site, viewing it at other settings could yield very disturbing results... be pro-active and test in advance!

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