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Re: Delayed download
From David A on 26 June '00
replying to Re: Delayed download posted by Jeff

>>What is the advantage and/or purpose of building web pages that need to download completely first before you can see/read anything ?
>>I find it most annoying to have to wait for content which may be of no use to me after all.
>>Many thanks for any clarity on the subject.
>Usually, that happens, I believe, because of the way tables are constructed on
>websites. I've read an article or two that mentioned the problem, which
>is a site design defect and is not intended.
>When I go to a site I want something--ANYTHING!--to happen immediately.
>I have a friend whose site is totally blank on my machine for over a
>minute, a serious fault with a e-commerce site. Yet, when I mentioned
>it to him, he wasn't aware he had a problem (I've seen his delay on
>other machines too). I'm not sure whether the long delay is browser
>specific or what.
>Maybe some tech guy can tell us exactly what the problem is with such

The use or overuse of nested tables (tables within tables within tables) can cause significant delays because tables render from the inside out and typically the innermost table is the lowest in the html. This is even more noticeable if the size of the table is not set properly (you will see things blinking in and out).

A second contributor is images without their size set. This is because the tables don't know how much space to leave for them so the tables must keep readjusting their size and content as images come in. Combine this with the nested table issue and you have some good delays happening.

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